The below information is to help all Anglers get to the water as quickly and safely as possible. We are limited to space and would appreciate everyone complying with these guidelines.

As you enter off of Highway 30 and approach the boat dock you will be directed to the Point Ramp (Right Hand Lane) or the Gravel Lot Ramp (Left Hand Lane). With our small area here we ask you do not pull over and disrupt the flow. You can dock your boat and return to the bait shop/Grill.

While you are staged in line waiting your turn to put in, we ask you get unstrapped and get ready to unload.

Once the Point Parking is full you can still unload on this side but be sent back toward the entrance where you came in and will use the Loop to take you to the Left Hand Lane around the Anglers that are unloading in the Right Hand Lane. This is the Gravel Parking/Ramps. You will be directed from that point around the unloading Anglers to be parked on the mountain side or the lakeside of the Gravel Lot. Please pull in as far as possible. Exit from this lot is at the far end on the left and immediately go left on Lakeshore Drive.  We ask when returning to load your boat that you take this exit back to where you entered at the Big tree and you can either use the Point Ramp or Gravel Lot Ramp. Keeping this Flow will make it easier and safer for everyone. Do not Drive Up to Gravel Lot Ramp thru Parking lot.


Parking once you have loaded you boat will only be allowed in the parking areas for Anglers, the best place for you to park will be where you were parked!

There will be golf carts to assist you in the long walk during this event, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need one.

Thanks again for coming to Dayton Boat Dock and fishing with us.

All anglers are urged to pick up their co-anglers off venue.

Please read signage and comply.

There are drawings/pictures attached to show the traffic flow for morning launch and evening pickup.

Thanks for your help in making tournament traffic smooth.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Jim Conner, Director
Rhea County Homeland Security